Something's happening

My art is taking me places… but not fast enough so I have just decided to take up paid employment… but why am I so worried and why am I feeling like part of me is dying…?

Thankfully the company I am joining is dynamic and fun… maybe it is just the bblues after having been self employed for past 30 months… And just when doors are opening I have to give up full time status so I can pay bills.

Why do we artist have to suffer financially to become great? Not everyone can create good art , so I am told, if so then why do we have to suffer? Is it because Art is a take it or leave it commodity? Or we artists do not get in touch with the right people?

There are exciting things happening for sure… I am just sorry it is being clouded by this feeling of sadness that I may have to give it up soon… at least partly.

Okay probably time to do a Joyful dance and get the spirit up!

One things for sure, I am very happy Red Buble is now a Global site! Yahooooo!
Can’t wait to see what positive things will happen!

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