The power of a Butterfly

The Saying that if a butterfly flaps their wings then the effects can be felt across the world is an intriguing theory.
Do we realise that we do this too, just by doing one single act whether good or bad, small or massive we have an affect on those around us and those we have not yet met.
If we all thought about it and did one thing that we have always dreamt of doing, or perhaps just trying something new, but have never had the courage to do, or just stepped up and done that one small thing we have never got round to doing, whether to call, write, email someone or a bigger gesture of love or just simply extending a hand of friendship…. what ripple effect would you cause?
It may be that you never see if the ripple you have made turns into a wave, but to know that you have started a chain reaction, no matter the size, that youve inspired someone else to pay it forward … now, that has to be cool

Life is not all about huge gestures its about the simple flutters that we make. The unseen small meaningful heartfelt seconds

Flutter by Butterfly

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