Support your Red bubblers! Novel "I hate Cinderella" born from two red Bubbles

Two Red Bubbles Met at and Made a book, even though they have never met in person!

Amanda Cole and Jovan De Melo, two strangers from opposite sides of the globe (Oz and Brazil) have joined forces, though they have never met, to write and illustrate a book called “I HATE CINDERELLA”.

It will be in selected bookstores in December, and they are hoping to sell the first "5,000 copies so that they can go global with our redbubble creation.

Please purchase a copy on line at as the first 1,000 sold will received a free gift (sexy “I hate Cinderella” eye mask or “I hate Cinderella” word poetry).

I Hate Cinderella retails for $24.95 (easy to use website to purchase) – please support two Red bubblers!!!

“I hate Cinderella” is an inspirational novel for anyone who has ever had a broken heart, cried for days and been unable to eat, sleep or concentrate.

It is a single serve of optimism and, as it threads its way through the stages of post break up, complete with evocative illustrations from Brazilian illustrator Jovan De Melo, will help you realise your true potential and will let you trespass into the female psyche.

With original illustrations and page turning chapters, it captures the emotion and the processes of healing. It is a book about abundance, relationships, and learning to live your dreams.

Amanda Cole has a fresh and true voice that will affect you, entrance you, and help you laugh when at times you don’t think it’s possible. She will leave you feeling empowered and inspired.

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