Important News!


Last month was a busy one, photographically speaking! I was very pleased and humbly grateful to have three different photos featured! Wow! Yay!

Early last month, I ventured to the Capitol – for the purpose of picture-taking, as well as looking for (an)other place(s) to have a show (my first show was last October, in a local coffee shop). I wasn’t expecting to get TWO shows booked, but Fair Trade Coffee Shop on State Street in Madison has booked me for two three-month shows: in their back room from December ’09 through February ’10, and again in the main room from January ’11 through March ’11!

Additionally, I have been asked to submit a sampling of my best work to an agent.

I also spoke with a gallery owner recently, who has requested that I submit a sampling of my work for their board to vote on, to decide if they will sell it! (WOW! Me? In a GALLERY?? I’m STOKED!)

But here’s where I need your help: Frankly, I’m stymied about what to send. ANY suggestions about which of my work is the best would be most gratefully appreciated!!

Help a fellow Redbubbler? THANKS!!!!

Donna (alwaysdrc)

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