My First Photography Exhibit

So, I am one week into a month-long show of my photography. My very first exhibit!

I have 65 photos up at Pleasant Street Coffeehouse, (an upscale coffee shop in downtown Beloit, WI) and I realized five days into the show that one of my photos was actually hanging on the wall upside-down! HOW EMBARRASSING IS THAT?! Fancy little water droplets, falling up. (I debated changing the title of the thing to “Forget Newton”)

Anyway, I was able to get that little disaster taken care of (nobody apparently noticed, and if they did, I guess they attributed it to creative license?) So far all the show feedback has been very positive (but there have been no sales, or job calls – yet) … I think it’s a difficult time to get into photography sales, with the local economy throwing everybody’s finances into a tizzy. All I can do is hope.

But in the meantime, it’s nice to see people walk into the shop and instantly raise their heads and put back their shoulders, walk a little taller, breathe a little easier… and walk out happier. That’s what it’s really all about now, isn’t it?!

My stuff will be up through the end of the month… and now that I’ve done it once, I’m going to look into it further. There are plenty of other places around that might appreciate some uplifting photography on their walls – and the more places I show, the more familiar people will be with my work, and with me!

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