RB Artists Collaboration

Merry Christmas – Happy Holidays – Happy New Year to all

I am so excited to have a collaboration piece with Keith R. Williams
Keith is an amazing poet and artist.


The flames get higher
as tears fall from my eyes
yet still i rise
steadily being pulled down by lies
envy, hate, jealousy all things i despise
they say one day from this i’ll be wise
right now i’m barely
escaping life on the streets
blessed to have food to eat
it seems my will to survive is incomplete
yet something burns deep inside
blinded by my foolish pride
while each day a part of me dies
the flames getting higher
yet still i rise
flying, striving to reach the top
knowing if i fall this time
it’ll be my last stop
so hotter, harder i burn
thinking maybe now’s my turn
to be a part of life
erase the pain and strife
so i can enjoy my life finally
free to fly
free to sing
free to spread my wings and fly
the flames get higher, higher, and higher
i supernova like a phoenix
rising from the fire
i inspire
i inspire
i inspire – Keith R. Williams

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