Hello! It’s been awhile! Giving thanks!

I have been away from RB for a while. Today I logged back on and I have seen some amazing art and writings. It is going to take me a little time to view all of the latest art and writings from you wonderful people, I am looking forward to it.

A couple of weeks ago I placed my first order with RB. I have not received all of my order, but I did receive the cards I ordered (A picture of the cards is below). Every card was wonderful and I was pleasantly surprised to see RB uses thick card stock and to see each artist’s name and their RB site address displayed on the back of the cards. I cannot wait till I receive the rest of my order.

I would like to thank Linaji and TeriLee for featuring “SpacePuppy” on the Abstract Digital Art and Writing groups site; to Butchart, CJ Lewis and Paul Stephen Dixon for featuring ‘Maiden’ on the Digital Abstracts & Pattern groups featured list; to Rajee & Coppertrees for feauring ‘Boooooooo’ on the A fractal Energy Passion group’s site.

From top to bottom: “Sorrow of Indian Summer” by Mundy Hackett, “House at the end of the street” by Amarica, “Take My Heart” by Amarica, “Carla- HIV Orphan” by Trevor Irwin, “Thirst” by Cheri McEachin, “Goldeneye” by Mundy Hackett, “Even while I sleep” by Trevor Irwin, and “Guiding Light” by Trevor Irwin.

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