What a wonderful gift to receive!

Yesterday was my birthday and I received a wonderful gift from my sister. She placed all 220 abstract squares I created, for an art installation, into one short -3 minute YouTube video. My sister timed the music and art beautifully It was such a wonderful present and it meant so much to me, that I just wanted to share it with others.
If you are looking for a cool present for someone, try making a video of some of their art. They will love it! THANK YOU SWEET SIS

RB Artists Collaboration

Merry Christmas – Happy Holidays – Happy New Year to all

I am so excited to have a collaboration piece with Keith R. Williams
Keith is an amazing poet and artist.…


The flames get higher
as tears fall from my eyes
yet still i rise
steadily being pulled down by lies
envy, hate, jealousy all things i despise
they say one day from this i’ll be wise
right now i’m barely
escaping life on the streets
blessed to have food to eat
it seems my will to survive is incomplete
yet something burns deep inside
blinded by my foolish pride
while each day a part of me dies
the flames getting higher
yet still i rise
flying, striving to reach the top
knowing if i fall this time
it’ll be my last stop
so hotter, harder i burn
thinking maybe now’s my turn
to be a part of life
erase the pain and strife
so i can enjoy my life final

Thank You

I always read about wonderful artists being featured in a group. I did not think it would ever happen to me. Well, I have now been added as a featured artist in the “Abstract Digital Art and Writing" group. This is a great honor. I want to give a special thanks to TeriLee and Linaji for featuring me.

I would like to thank Ian Yang, Leoni Venter, Chris Willis and Nodakami for featuring “Pretty” and “Merry Christmas” in the “Fractal Frenzy” group.

I would like to thank Rajee & Coppertrees for featuring “Cosmic Cthulhu” and “Precious Jewels” in the “Fractal Energy Passion” group.

I would like to thank TeriLee and Linaji for featuring “Blue Mosi-Oa-Tunya3” in the “Abstract Digital Art and Writing” group.

Hello! It’s been awhile! Giving thanks!

I have been away from RB for a while. Today I logged back on and I have seen some amazing art and writings. It is going to take me a little time to view all of the latest art and writings from you wonderful people, I am looking forward to it.…

A couple of weeks ago I placed my first order with RB. I have not received all of my order, but I did receive the cards I ordered (A picture of the cards is below). Every card was wonderful and I was pleasantly surprised to see RB uses thick card stock and to see each artist’s name and their RB site address displayed on the back of the cards. I cannot wait till I receive the rest of my order.

I would like to thank Linaji and TeriLee for featuring “SpacePuppy” on the Abstract Digital Art and Writing groups site; to Butchart, CJ Lewis and Paul Stephe


What can I not believe? Well I thought when I sold my first piece of art on RB was my proudest moment on RB. But I was wrong! It does not compare when an artist whose work you so admire creates a beautiful piece of art just for you. I will admit I had some happy tears dropping down my morning face when I saw and read Linaji’s “Devalyn Marshall in Blue”…

Linaji is a magnificent artist who gives encouragement to so many artists. I see her name so often leaving wonderful comments for others. PLEASE VIEW LINAJI AMAZING GALLERY. Linaji’s Bubblesite

P.S. As many can tell I am not big on writing, so I never started a journal. But today I did. Linaji’s kindness is so amazing to me that if I never write another entry in my journal, I know I will always remember my first entry!

Please view Linaji’

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