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I aim to share my thoughts, feelings and experiences through the written word with anyone and everyone who is willing to listen. I have...

Truly, the Inner Workings of an Altered Mind. The ideals and beliefs of one blessed with the clearest of sight. As much a curse as a gift, if you so like. The deepest, darkest secrets that we so love to hide. That we condemn to a place not fit for human eyes. Where forever they stay, to rot and decay. ’Til the end of time, though time has little meaning in the depths of your mind. But there it lies for those to see. Those who wish to know the truth of humanity. And few they are because of course, fantasy is better than reality by far. And so it goes, again and again, the world goes ’round and life goes on, my friend. But here it is, plain to see, the story of a world that no one knows in a time and a place that most will never behold.
-Altered Mind

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Preparation and Transition

Hey everyone! Just wanted to share a quick update here just in case anyone thought I dropped off the face of the Earth! I’m currently in a time of preparation and transition where I’m getting out of school, figuring out what I want to pursue in terms of post-secondary education, finding a full time job and of course, avidly seeking out The Lord. =) God has been moving with incredible …
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The Inner Workings of an Altered Mind: The Journey of Peace

Hey everyone, some of you may have already seen the prologue to my novel, The Journey of Peace, but I just wanted to take a little bit of time out to explain a bit of the story to put it all into perspective. For those who are first time visitors I’d like to extend a warm welcome out to you for taking the time to read this and for those who have been following me and sharing in the ups and …
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The Inner Workings of an Altered Mind: The Enemy, Their Tricks and Schemes and Overcoming Them

“For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places.” Ephesians 6:12 / Hey everyone! Hope your new years celebration was safe and enjoyable! And hopefully the new year has been treating you all well thus far! This particular ent…
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The Inner Workings of an Altered Mind: Life, Love, The Lord and The Awakening Art Show: A Bold Love Story

Hey everyone, it’s definitely been a while. I hope everyone had a merry Christmas and I hope everyone has been doing well! I just wanted to share a few of my experiences, thoughts, encounters with God and a few art shows I’ve been in with my brothers and sisters in Christ. / I’ve been going through some pretty rough times over the last little while but The Lord has shown me that…
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Recently Added

Snatched From The Jaws of History

I remember [many things] / A day much like any other, / As sunlight poured through the panes / Of my rain streaked frames / While my alarm …


Well now, aren’t we just making a scene?

Haunted (I see your face)

It’s the break of dawn / And my eyes are weary, / I feign a smile of content / For all to see / But deep inside / My heart / Is heavy…


…Even when my enemies have come / To devour my very skin, / And the odds are stacked against me / So that I could never win…

Mind, Heart, Soul.

A comfortable silence, / Our faces, / An inch apart. / And in your eyes / I saw / The battle between your Mind and Heart.

Storm of Sorrows, Winds of Change

In my makeshift shelter of denial, / I fear, / That the Storm of Sorrows / And the Winds of Change / have found me here.

Tear Your World Asunder

I said do your worst, / I said do your best, / But is this truly all that you could muster?

Twenty One Questions

…If this was only the beginning / Would you have the strength to persist? / If my words made you think / Would you pretend they didn&…

Walking Down the Road, Wearing the Armor of God

…I know the road will be long, / Filled with many twists and turns. / That fact has not escaped me Lord, / But I refuse to be deterre…

The Girl Who Changed My World

You took my cold, stony heart / And turned it back to flesh / You ventured through the darkness / To pull me from the brink of Death

At the Gates of Heaven

Restless nights / And mental fights / Assault my weary soul. / My Lord / Give me the strength / To turn a battle / That has spiraled out of…

The Night the World Turned Upside Down

…Oh, detachment sure was prevalent / Albeit horribly irrelevant / For it evanesced about as quickly / As our attempts to hinder intim…
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