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Sunbury, Australia

Obsessed with riding the learning curve. / Having a blast. / Thanks for stopping by. / Maree xx

Regarding our dear Heather King

This is a genuine call for help. Please watch the video and read the info. The video was rather quiet but I persevered because the message is important. Good luck Heather and Kristy xox

(copy of message I received)
Hello Maree. Can I please ask you for 14 minutes of your time in watching this video? Please help me by watching this and reposting it? This will be difficult to watch, I watched it once and can’t do so anymore as it hurts to see the person I love so scared and cry. My best friend made this because I am falling apart health wise. I have lyme disease, there is no one in Canada who treats this. It is bad. The only way I will be able to stand a chance is go to NY to see a lyme specialist. Please can you post this on your wall? Even if someone donate’s the cost of a coffee or beer I can get help. I have no family, no one.

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