The Symbolism Behind "The Battle Between You and Me"

The painting “The Battle Between You And Me” refers to the tumultuous time I spent with my ex-husband in a rather difficult marriage. He is the creature on the left with the sword and shield looking like a warrior on the offensive. I am the creature on my back in a defenseless and prone position having the “life” sucked out of me by him. This is not a hopeless tale, however, as you can see the crown is still on my head (I am still the hero of my own myth) and also, the giant eye and bolt of lightening that symbolize my awakening into the consciousness of my situation and the realization that I must get out of the relationship and move on with my life. And, finally, in the top right of the painting is the mandala, the symbol of wholeness and the fruit or the flower of what evolves from the creative struggle for autonomy and independence…

The Battle Between You And Me

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  • Belinda "BillyLee" NYE (Printmaker)