The Importance Of Our "Work"...

This was a comment that I made in response to a journal entry made by karen66

Thanks for your comments, Karen. They are much appreciated. I, too, have been spending time looking at artwork and it does take some time. It is so totally worth it when you find artists that inspire you to create. Personally, I find that being an artist can be a rather selfish endeavor and I think it’s good for us, as artists, to “come up for air” once in a while or “fill the well” as Julia Cameron (The Artist’s Way) would say. But, ultimately, our work is the most important thing. I believe that when we give our creative gifts to the world, and I mean “creativity” in the most general sense of the term, we are giving a piece of our soul and I don’t think there could be a more precious or meaningful gift to be given in all the world :-)

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