Happy 2009!

Can someone tell me where the last 12 months have gone? They’re probably with the mythical mountains of cash that have fallen off the planet in the last few months. Yes, it’s new year’s eve and I’m in pondering mode. Normally I’d be seeing in the new year with friends around their annual attempt to burn down their garage, better known as a bonfire. But my mum in law is not too well and so we’re seeing in the new year with her.

To be honest it’s lovely to have an excuse to chill out with people that I love very much. I hope Mum gets better soon, but I’m not sorry to be sitting quietly on the sofa, browsing through the many beautiful images on RB and thinking of the year ahead.

Where ever you happen to be, I wish you joy, peace and the best that life can bring in 2009.

I’m raising a glass to all you creative people. La chaim!

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  • Valerie Anne Kelly