Allen Gray

Geelong, Australia

Thanks for taking the time to view my images! I’m a amature photographer let loose in the Geelong region, and I thank you for you...


Ok, so it was suggested to me by another member of Red Bubble that I try to blur the propellors of the aircraft that I tend to shoot. Ok, I agree with this, as it makes aircraft seem more natural and give the illusion of flight, instead of looking like they were just hanging there on string! So I headed down to the water front here in Geelong, where the scenic flight helicopter flies from during the summer. So I tried taking shots on the Tv setting of my Canon EOS 400D, which according to the book is the setting to be used for blurring motion. I think I got some results, but not what I wanted! Am I doing it right? Am I on the right setting? Why am I doing this again? Which shutter speed do I need? My brain hurts! That’s the problem I’ve discovered with photography, there’s always something else to learn but never master! I think I need to take a course on how to drive a digital SLR properly! And photoshop! Which leads to that other problem with photography, there’s always that something else that you have to buy/pay for! The things we do for our hobbies!!

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