Allen Gray

Geelong, Australia

Thanks for taking the time to view my images! I’m a amature photographer let loose in the Geelong region, and I thank you for you...


Ok, ever being the eternal optimist, I’ve decided to keep putting my work on here for sale, on the off chance that someone may take enough kindness in their souls and buy a piece! Who knows? my stuff might actually appeal to someone! I can only live in hope! I’ve also decided to apply for a new job, which requires me to be fit enough to pass a fitness test, so as a result, I now hurt all over! But I am seeing results, and feeling better for it! This has an advantage for me, for if successful, I’ll be moving to another part of the country where the oppurtunity for some fanastic photography awaits me, if I get the job! Plus I’d also have to find time off from said new job! If I don’t get it, well at least I’ll be a fitter person!

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