Allen Gray

Geelong, Australia

Thanks for taking the time to view my images! I’m a amature photographer let loose in the Geelong region, and I thank you for you...

My God! I've been Featured!

It’s amazing how somethings seem to fall into place. For me, it all started with just uploading one image, and the rest, well it just fell into place.

It all started when I uploaded the image to my profile titled Geelong Foreshore at Night II, just adding new work to my profile. A short time later, I received a comment from a fellow redbubbler and workmate (who is also responsible for me becoming involved with redbubble to boot!) saying that it was good shot, and that I should add it the the redbubble group “Geelong Throng”. Ok, thinks I, why not? So I joined the group and added the image, and the next thing had fallen into place. A short while later, the group held it’s first Group Challenge, in which the images must contain the sea and Geelong. So I entered this image, click, the next thing falls into place. Before I knew it, I had won the challenge! I was taken completely by surprise! I didn’t realize until day before voting closed that the winner would be featured for a week on the group! I was stunned. To be featured as the winner, I’d never even pictured such a thing! But I’m proud that I am, and I’m very excited about it! Now that I’ve done it once, I plan to do it again sometime, but that means more hunting for that one, perfect image. Ah well, we all must make some sacrifices in life!

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