Allen Gray

Geelong, Australia

Thanks for taking the time to view my images! I’m a amature photographer let loose in the Geelong region, and I thank you for you...


Well, looking at my somewhat eclectic collection here, I’ve decided it’s time to start culling out some images, and in time (and once I’ve finished editing!) uploading new ones. Problem is, I’m finding it difficult to actually cut some images out! But I think it’s good to turn them over once in a while, and try and see where my direction is heading to next! HDR has caught my eye, and now I’m starting to learn this new style, and it’s proving to be a little challanging, but everything is when it’s something new! I never figured it would be so hard to cull my images, I look at them, and think that this one can go, but then when I keep looking at, the more my mind says keep it!

Ah the joys of photography!

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