Poems 2


as ususal few words / 3 june 2010


as usual few words / but naught / 3 may 2010

My Witness

After you My Love / How i tell you? / I did not sleep / since long / Every Wrinkle of bed is my Witness / yes, yes


Wife to Husband / Shame on u / u have sex relation with my best friend’s Lilly / Husband / How dare u? / and how can u says That? / w…

Not good

Please dont go / wait some time / till / my tears will stop / then u must go / i will not resist / bcz in childhool i heard / dont go ou…


A girl calls her friend / plz come in our home / nobody at the home / come fast / 4 fun / Boy feels very hot and romantic / he went to her …


Dear friend / tell me / which animal give us / milk and egge….? / plz think / . / . / . / . / . / . / . / . / .more think / . / . / …

after 17 years

when boy and girl / cross their 17 years / then both want same / thing / plz think / think / think / .. / … / .. / …. / think /…

sweet future

Frog 2 palmist / plz tell me my future? / palmist / Ayoung sexy and smart girl will touch u / frog / wowowowowwww / when and where…..…


Yes My Love / I can Bellow Off the Fire / but Trust me, my love / How i putt off a tiny flame / of your love / who is flaming iny heart /…


no, never / I m not begging my all past with u / i beg just our last love moment / yes our last love moment


You are Leaveing me / But listen / I m not Unfaithful / I sure U sohuld not forget / my love and our memories / When u will see the Flame…


if u will meet me / My dear / i sure you will feel so restless / If u Will find me / my dear / i sure u will feel more thirst / it is bette…

Sleeping with Enemy

We did not met last night in dream / bcz my girlfriend could not wink of sleep / she told me / sorry i did not meet u in dream / i ask i be…

Girl and sweet MAZE

this is my frist night / i m 16 / and I am alone / i m standing in the Window / and Moon is Gazing me / i have many new Dreams / new songs…

Value of my Love

I been Alone / I m Alone / Memories are so strange / They been pain me / They are paining me / i been searching u my love / i m searching…

Love Place

as usual few words / 25 may


Please / make my sketch / will u make my sketch? / yes / why not / please come close / and see in my eyes

I remember

when he left me / i dont remember / REALY? / yes why not / listen / i remember / then i was alive / and i had a heart

magic of love

i knew / he did not go to church / but now / he says / after he met me / he feels Lord lives his heart / and he would like to says thanks …

am i moon?

he is so simple / his world is totaly different / his dreams are so different / but listen / one day he called me / MOON / i knew / i m no…


yes I dont Love you / I hate you / Realy? / yes, yes, yes / but please see in mirror / your eyes are sheding? / but why?

I m bad but…….

Yes i admited / i learnt my bad works / but my dear / i did not lean / how leave the kind friends / realy….. trust me / yes i m bad …


Ur love memories / r flying in my heart / like polythene bags flying / in summer storm / forrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…

Wrong & Right

So wrong thing / Tears in the eyes of others / cause of u / So nice thing / Tears in the eyes of others / cause of u

Love stories

If u would like to / read countless / LOVE STORIES / my dear / Please come and / Read my EYES

My age

Peopls often asks wat is my age? / and i reply / when my love smile for me / then i feel i m so young like rose / and some time my love ig…


I have been / thinking abt my love / and love has been sleeping / like a lightning bug


I knew his nature / he was lefting me / and i could not resist

T shirt ……2

Since long / a kind person / sent me a T-shirt / with love / and now / i fall in LOVE / with / ? / ? / ? / my self

T shirt

i can feel her love / i can show her love / i can touch her love / pplz says / i m proud / yes i m / but not any time / i proud / when i …


My Love / knew that i love his lovely smile / and he left me with a lovely deep smile / oh…………….noooooo


I am a very Good Swimeer / i won many awards / but i sinked in few a seconds / in LOVELY EYES

Under a Shadow Tree

I transferred my life to your name / like I spent my life under a shadow tree / birds go to back homes in evening / but i transferred all …

Your Memory

Your memory / Stuck in my heart / like a fat woman stuck in a / small car. / hahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa


Smile is priceless / some relations has not weight / friends can meet u in many ways / but every one is not RARE like u


i would like to meet u every moment but i dont know?why / i would like to think u every moment but i dont know?why / ur pic lives in my eye…

wet paper

my life is like a wet paper / nobody writes and nobody burns / now a days i m so alone / nobody tease me and nobody die me / ohhhhh


How can i finish my relation with him / when i see his one glimpse / then i foget all the world

Few moments

its not important / some ppls who live u with many years / called friends / some pplz who lives with u few moments / and they gave u life…

A Broken glass of WINE

what is the reasult of love u dont know / my love defeated u dont know / no joy, no friends, u dont know / u r far, daily i die, daily i…

My World

I forgetton countless things / but i know / I lost my world / in ur World

Which Place

Plz do some for me / just tell me the place / where I Dont remember u

Ask Him

Pleas ask him / My breath is running / still with ur name / Heart Beats still with ur name / Eyes r still awating u / but / Please Ask him…

Game of Luck

Dreams cant change the luck / u cant make a pic on the water / This is Game of Luck my Friend / Luck cant Change / if u try a million hid…

Last hope

At last tired stars sleeped after / my friend’s waiting / but only one lump of hope / been buring

How long?

how long will u stop yourself / without me u should not find faithful friend / one day u must miss me and return / in my world / and then i…


When u Near / Then u Special / When u Far / Then u Thought / u r my unlimited HOPE / and / u r my LIFE / when u smile / then i alive…


Please dont trust on my face / my inner shattered / i dont afraid to ruins / now i panic to home / who is mine in this city? / but liste…


In the Evening of Sadness / I miss u / Sometime i cry / Sometime i Smile / Now i Chat with myself / i find you in Moon / if Peoples feel i…

Thanks Bed

I love my Bed / bcz my bed give me / DREAMS of my friend / lalalalalala

I am not Fed up

I am Sad but / not anger / I Live in your Heart but / not in your city / I have many Frineds but / Not Special like you.

You Swear

Plz come and raise love in my heart / plz come and hide in my heart beats / you swear / dont go after came / look peopls / in my ruins life…

So crazy

my heart was so mad / heart wanted to tie him with gyves / but he fragrance / ohhh


Now my love dont care me / bcz he did not / tease me since long / what a terminal condition / chchchchchchhhhh

Few moments

i lost myself in few moments / he won me in few moments / now i speak the words / b4 think / because peoples knows in few moments / and hi…

no need

without u / i dont want any more person / i would like just u pamper me / without u / i dont like any person / no need any person give me …

my eyes

If u feel / farewell mean died the love / then u r wrong / u cant measure how much deep my love is / if you would like to know / please com…

After me

I am alone now / but / i decorate my ruins / remember my all friends / i am sure one day / my lonliness should be weep / after me……


I Lost you / But When i hear the Voie of Cough / then i feel you are very close / to my heart

Please Come

Please come / without you my heart is so sad / give me some dreams to my eyes / my heart is so sad like autumn / give me some color of li…

No Hope

He has gone and snatched my sleep / he gave my eyes new dreams / every hope lost my heart / every story remove my heart / bcz he has gone …

Invisible Ink

My love / written with her finger / in the dark of night / on the palm of my hand / I LOVE U / How strange the ink / i cant see & can…

A mother’s day

today is mother’s day / i m waitng my sons and daughter / they are enjoying the life / i m live alone in the old home / i miss them e…

Dont Try

Dont try to find me / my Love / in the crowd of peoples / in fact / u must c / mostly Faithfull peoples / live alone.

Never Died

Removed all my Feelings / Dashed all my Hopes / Perishedall my Things / but / never Died / Your Memories

Mother’s day

All days are / MOTHER’S DAY


When i would like 2 c my / LOST FRIEND / then i must meet / my school time / OLD SHADOW TREE…….


I found u / but i / lost my self….


When i miss my lost friend / then my Heart full of sorrow / first we sit togater / but now / i restless for a look

Barbie DOLL

She was very ugly but her parents called her / BARBIE DOLL / her EYES like HOLLOW and nose was spread / All pplz tease her / one day her f…


as usual not few words / 6 may 2010

No entry

i wrote on the door of HEART / entry is prohibited / then LOVE smiles / came on the enterence of / HEART’S door / and aske me / li…

new model

After Got MARRY / after Go Mobile / Everyone repent / ? / ? / ? / if we WAITED awhile / then we must Get / A NEW MODEL




some lucky persone / if they shed only one tear / and they win the love of other / and some unlucky person / if they sheds tears all…

First Date

2day she was loudly Laughing on every talk / in our first date / after she / i know the reason of her laughing / bcz / my zip was opened /…


Plz make me a pencil / and keep me between ur lips / i feel so good / when u think abt ur sketch / and hold ur pencil with ur lips

Computerised love letter

if i will not found u / then i shall do ctrl+alt+delete my life / u forget the taste of of love / u did cut me and forget the doing paste…


he left the city / where is he now? / i dont know / i have lost my friend / i have only his home telephone number / his home is locked now …

Welcome back AKKRA

listen plz / cold breath are saying somting / heartbeat is dancing now / wat we do? / someone is coming soon / cool wind told me / someone…


Why i care my hairs? / Why i change my dress? / An kind Angel has / left my city / and / Why i go to the outside? / Why? Why? Why?

Little Bit

Pass Happy life / is not Difficult / but u must need / little bit of / FAITH


Where r u? / i dont know / but / i m still here / REMEMBER / countless tears / waitng 4 u


as usual few words


Listen after u / evey thing is ok / on same place / web cam is still hang on same place / cap is still on the same place / but / only i f…


I m 73 / and looks like so old / i was alone / but one day / i met a sweet bird / and fall in love with the sweet bird / day by day / we m…

now I love the life

I found u / and / now i love the life / the spring seacon is in full of swing / in my life / bcz of u / I found u / and / now i love the…


Pplz thinks i m / ARROGANT / bcz / i dont talk to pplz / i dont walk to park / i dont go to party / i dont phone to others / Pplz thinks …

u me and we

now a days i dont remember / anything / after i found u / plz come soon lest my soul will sad / plz decorate me in ur eyes / plz make my ho…


as usual few words / ting tong bobby / 22 april 2010

First & Last

as usual few word / but tru / bobby 22 april 2010


I Hate butterflies / bcz if we touch them they gime us color printson our hands / and fly away / like many pplz met us and leave them and …

sweet RISK

Where r u going? / everything is here / my LOVE / don’t believe the peoples / wat they say / plz come , plz come / noooooooooooooooo…


we lived togahter in everyup and downs / now she got a little better / and for get me / when we lived togather then i feel every season / b…


WHY i think about MOON LIGHT / now i must walk in sun / meeting u wat a pleasant / when i met u / then feel so sad / WHY i think about MOO…


whats wrong if i have no / dare to confess / my love feelings / u know the language of EYES

DEWY night

All the night / my TEARS Droped her face / in MORN she WORK / and ask / The night was so DEWY / ohhh how innocent


my new poem / as usual few words / 22 april 2010 / BOBBY

order , order plz

u strictly prohibited me / and ask me / ucant write my name in ur heart / and now if i write any more word / trust me / my eyes shed the te…
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