Translations of Artwork

Each month the Solo Exhibition group has Juried exhibitions.

In SoJie12 workshop, a member could submit an image and a traditional artist could paint a translation of the work.
In SoJie13 workshop, a digital artist could submit an image and a traditional translation, a photographic translation and a digital translation could be done.

I was so excited that others wanted to translate 2 my artworks. I can’t describe what it is like to inspire others to create…especially from my own artwork.
What an awe inspiring experience!

Here are the artists translations.

For SoJie12:

Of Earth #1
by Alissa Brunskill

Traditional Translation

Introvert in Observatory
by ArtPearl

For SoJie13:

by Alissa Brunskill

Photographic Translation

Hiding in My Art
by Robin Webster

Traditional Translation

Revelation in the Jungle
by Marsha Free

Digital Translation

Debris Field
by Robin King

If you would like to know more about the translations please click on the artist’s artwork and/or name.

Thank you.

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