My Experience and Successes on RedBubble

I have noticed that most people add a journal to celebrate their successes here. I think it is a beautiful way to show pride in ourselves and to show thanks to the people and groups recognising our work.
I have been lax, but I shall now share my own successes!
I think this will prove to be lengthy, but bear with me for this first time and support the groups who are supporting artists and writers all over the bubble!

Featured Writing

The Last Leaves of Autumn won overall first place for the Spirit Walks writing competition.

Me and the River won second place for Flash Fiction’s Missing Challenge. It was a collaborative piece with RedBubble artist Coppertrees

Freedom won the writing prize for Boredom Competitions Fly Away Challenge.
The interview can be seen here

Queen of the Dead was featured both by Short Stories – Spherical Scriptings and on RedBubbles writing home page.

Theilc was featured by Art and Stories Made For Children

Journal Entry

My journal entry about my short story anthology Expressions was featured by Short Stories – Spherical Scriptings


i have been the featured member on Lyrical Visions. This group interviewed me on my art/poem A Sea Of Red. That interview can be seen here

I was also briefly featured on Bits and Pieces

Art Features

Empty Chair was featured on Stillness Speaks

Trnquility Corner was also featured on Stillness Speaks.

Food of Life was featured by Painters in Modern Times

Autumn Rain was featured by the Queensland": group.

Fish Tales was featured in Art and Stories Made for Children

’Mistress of Night and Say": was featured by "Bits and Pieces:

as was


I have been lucky enough to have sold two cards, both to the lovely Janis Zroback

They were
A Sea of Red


If you have come all this way with me, I thank you from the bottom of my heart! My experience on RedBubble, I think it is pretty safe to say, has been AMAZING! Please check out the groups and artists I’ve left links for. You won’t be sorry.
Thanks again

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