Detour - How you can achieve the same effects.

I took a number of photo’s of a highway close to home,I went there with the image in mind.
I always make a new folder for each work,that way if you need to find stuff later on its easy.
Brought them into PS,picked the one that would work best.Duplicated the layer.

(Always work with a duplicate layers.)

Used the Magnetic Lasso Tool to cut out the lower half of the image,cut around the treeline ,transfered it to a transparent BG,saved,reopened.

I have a program I use with my telescope called Deep Space Explorer,it as 20,000 planets cataloged.
Went in and captured a starscape and the planet Mars, used the Elliptical Marquee Tool to cut/drag Mars onto the Starfield.
( You could use free images from NASA for a Starfield and PS plug-in called Lunarcell from Flaming Pear for planets ).

Into PS,Dup.layers for both,drag road onto starfield,position Mars,if you want more stars, use the clone tool and add them.

Work positioning the different layers until you have what you need.

Save all layers,at this point you can work with the layers or a jpg,once you have
what you want,then work with filters.

There is a set of 77 filters for PS called “Color Efex Pro”.

( these can be painted on with a pen or with a mouse,the effect can be erased,or filled/cleared, this way you can see the effect on all the image,then paint/erase the effect where needed.

I highly recommend this set of filters,they also have a demo model 7-8 filters,and it can be downloaded.

A professional Sharpener that is very good,and DFine for Noise Reduction.

I added fog using a filter,tweaked it using Brilliance/Warmth filter.


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