More Cropping Tips.

More Cropping Tips.

You can easily crop & straighten an image by clicking File/Automate/Crop and Straighten Photos.
Photoshop looks for rectangular areas in your document,then extracts each one into its own doc.then straightens the images.
This can save time if you need to do lots of images the same.It also works on single images.

Perspective Crop.

Say you have a pic of a painting on a wall but its on an angle,if you want to see it full on, with the Crop tool choose the crop around the image and in the upper options bar click Perspective,now you can adjust the bounding box to what you want.
Once done click OK,now you have the image full on.

Front Image Option

Choosing this option in the Crop bar lets you Crop one image to the same size as another image.
Open two images and crop one,click Front Page in the upper options bar Photoshop enters the width, height, res. values in the options bar, drag the crop tool on the second image and adjust as needed,double click inside the crop.
Photoshop does automatically the second image to match the first.

The good thing about me doing this is I sometimes remember little things I forgot, so we all learn.

Happy photoshpping & Enjoy.


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