My Real Identity Revealed.

My name is really Zorind Rakkmnn,and I am 453 of your years old,in my dimension I am considered young.
I am known in this galaxy/time as earthling David Jackson,and I arrived in my Time-Light Ship in your 1st century,BC.
I am from the moon Zinnadin which is the 4th moon of the Red Giant Zan,in the system Renna,deep within the Andromeda Galaxy.

Humankind will not discover my home world for another 8000 of your centuries,by then this small planet you once called home will only be a memory,another world polluted and then abandonedI.
t will be rediscovered near the end of the 2000 year war,by then humanity will have been a formed an Alliance of 123 species of beings,and will have colonized approx.150,000 worlds.
The Earth will have healed herself,& hopefully mankind will have learned?

The camera I use is a Zangi Rim Mini Cam,
sometime in the far future my many offspring will market these and make them available to humans.Your kind will love this device its camera/software in a package that fits in a buttonhole and after it interfaces with your “Mac/Mind Interface” it does everything.It even as an Auto setting that takes the shots for you perfectly,you just have to think the shot.
But its not very much fun.
And of course it as a Manual,and like all manuals its long.But this one is an improvment over your earthly ones,it interfaces with your brain and within seconds you know more than you ever wished.

The images you see in my gallery are some of the many planets I have visited in my travels.
I hope you enjoy them.

I would show you the shots I got of the Watuzziur,on Glutinous 5 but the shock would turn you into jelly, not pleasant.
I am enjoying your planet very much,its a nice place,its just too bad you never looked after it.

My hobbies are Time travel,meeting,watching,and watching females of most species,Garranti fishing,cooking ,collecting antique starmaps and Geocaching across Galaxies.

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