How I created Tanaha

Above is the original pano before I took it off world.

Here I stitched 6 photo’s (in PS Photomerge) I took of my village pond,transfered the finished image onto a new transparent layer then cut out and deleted the sky , created a new alien sky in Bryce 3D,dragged the sky onto the new layer.Then created 2 planets with PS Lunarcell filter from Flaming Pear.Dragged them into position.
Cropped and saved as psd file,then saved as a jpg file,opened the jpg and took it into Liquid filter,played around with it at about opacity 17,just to bring any rough edges together.Clicked OK and saved,did a bit of cloning along the tree line.The water/bugs were created with…………….
Color Efex Pro,this is a set of 77 filters that can be painted on with the pen tool with the Wacom tablet or with a mouse,the effect can be erased,or totally applied
,this way you can see the effect on all the image,undo it and paint the effect where needed.
I highly recommend this set of filters,they also have a demo model 7-8 filters,and it can be downloaded.

They also have a professional Sharpener that is very good,and DFine for Noise Reduction.

Hopefully this is a help to someone.


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