Compassion,Courage & Friendship. - A review


It arrived today,nicely packaged in a hard cardboard container.

Inside is a shrink wrapped book,taking off the wrap we can see it comes in its own slip cover.
The slip cover is a really nice touch,it protects the book from wear,dust,etc.

The Book.

Quality in every way.

Quality paperback/w slipcover.

77 pages

approx. 8 1/2" square

perfect binding.

Good solid book with a nicely laid out cover with images blending together.

Very well laid out with each page having own image,poem or writing and the theme stays with the title throughout

As with Redbubbles other two books the printing quality is top-level,two or three different typefaces have being used to bring across its message of Compassion,Courage and Friendship.

Reading it and looking through it, it makes one think that peace on earth is really possible.

I’m sure many more books are in the works, for these excellent books really show the world that the “BUBBLE” is all about this family of artists, no matter what their selected medium.

Would I purchase this book,I have to say, yes, it would make a great gift for anyone.


There is only one change that I can see could be made and that would be to put the artists link on the page where it is featured.
As it is you have to flip back and fourth looking for them.

Overall an excellent quality buy for the money.The book can be purchased Here

“May you create well and prosper”

Alienvisitor’s Imagi – Nation


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