How I create my Alien Worlds.

*For anyone at all interested!

My DA’s take anywhere from 3-32 hours.Depending on number of layers and render time.

First & foremost is the camera, I use a Canon S3 and a Kodak LS753 on my travels wherever I go, it could just be to the store,or checking the mail,the camera is always there.
I look for scenes that would work in a DA,it might be part of a snow bank, a hill, skyline, people, etc.
My main software is Artmatic Voyager & Artmatic Pro for renders + Photoshop.
Infini- D for building ships,space stations, buildings etc.

I use Poser 6 for DA people, animals.

Deep Space Explorer and Starry Night Pro which are software I use with my telescope, this for the REAL galaxies, planets, nebula,s uns , and star systems.

The main filters I use are
Color Efex Pro 2.0, Sharpener Pro 2.0,Liquid,Mystical_TTC,plus on and off a number of other photoshop filters.

I have 100’s of folders in which I have collected ( for the last 20 yrs) bits and pieces of photo’s and creations,everything from moons planets, seas,skies, nebula, star systems etc. Everthing I might need now or in future DA’s.

I even have one with nothing but renders, sometimes I only use part of one or two or more in the same render.

I like to think of my creations as jigsaw puzzles.

I have one folder that I use for my workshop.

I also use a Bluenose Wacom Tablet.

I first select what I may use, everything is a COPY on a transparent background, then I build the shot, which can take up to 12 hours.
This could include renders, model building, people/creature making, etc.
I’ve being known to spend 2 days inside a single program, getting a certain sky,landscape or planet, until I achieve my goal.

In some cases I have done a built over a day or so and ended up deleting it and starting again!.

Mostly that happens when too many ideas colide.

Once the build is to my liking I save all the layers into a folder,
( I have had up to 66 layers so far)
then crop and save as a .jpg into another folder,then clear the screen and reopen the jpg.

Now starts the path to the finished DA,I try different effects until I get what I want, the mist or fog in my DA’s is created using the Fog filter in Efex Pro, the nice thing about this set of filters is that the effect can be painted on and off just where it is needed. I use the Liquid filter, cloning tool and feathering to blend the edges of each layer, it also gives a nice paint effect,which I think adds to the DA.
Then I finally have the finished product.

Saved as a jpg at 300 dpi and posted

If you have any other questions….just ask!!!!!!!!

“May you always create well and prosper”

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