An Interview with the Fairy Queen - Rose Moxon.

I think most of the bubble knows Rose Moxon

Rose as the most wonderful creations,in the Fantasy genre she is a leader and teacher.
She hosts a number of groups including her own Fantasy Art

How does being a creative person and pursuing your creativity affect other aspects of your life?

Hmmm this is a tricky one. I do find I have to tone down my naturally ‘out there’ eccentric self to fit the lifestyle in which I have chosen to raise my family, who are mostly totally embarassed because of the nature of my art … fantasy. That is, of course, until I win something or I have an opening night at a gallery then suddenly Im really cool. Its like being two people … the artist and the socially acceptabe mother type. Probably if i painted landscapes or flowers in vases or something similar it would all be easier!

Tell us about one person or moment that has made your time on redbubble particularly special or meaningful.

Oh i totally do not have to even think on this one… Martin … Pilgrim
He has been encouraging and supportive the whole time I have been here. To be honest, I was happy displaying my art at a few exhibitions around Australia and in online galleries around the world and on a whim I decided to upload some of my work to Red Bubble … I had a wonderful response from many artists here … Martin in particular, so I decided that maybe it was ok to make fantasy scenes and plaster them all over the place. Many opportunities have opened up to me from this site.

Show & tell us about five works on redbubble that have moved or inspired you.

This is a difficult one because there are so many artists who have done this for me.

Kate O’Brien WOW. there is nothing else to say about her work.

Anything at all by Richard Shepherd
His work is amazing and totally inspiring. Every time I visit his portfolio, I just want to scribble 3D all over it.

John Edwards
I have a bunch of his work to scribble on. His work is brilliant. We are making a 2008 calendar of flower sprites together and I truly hope I can do his amazing work justice.

“Richie Dean ":… his beautiful work has inspired a few collaborations and if i had more time I would ask him if we could do more.

and for the final one Im going to cheat..

Mel Brackstone, Steve Axford, Paul Louis Villani, Kevin Kroeker .. and many many more.

ok thats it!

Thank you Rose

“May you create well and prosper”


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