Science Fiction


When I was a young human, Fiction was the part I really liked, the Science was something that only Scientists cared about.
I could dream my dreams, I could create alien worlds and their landscapes, when people said ‘he’s a bit odd’ well that was ok, it made me different from ordinary humans.
I think that’s what I wanted anyway, I needed an escape and what a great place it was that I created, a world within a world where anything, when or where was possible.

And at that time in my life no being could say I was wrong, for the simple fact that we were all EarthBound, it wasn’t until man landed on Earth’s moon that the Science joined with Fiction, from then on the Universe Beckoned.

Of course the SciFi addicts always knew it was possible, we knew that if mankind had put their combined effort into a real space program instead of into control of the Earth, we would already be well beyond our own solar system.

For a brief moment in time there was hope, but the flame flickered and died………..

For some unknown reason, the powers that did the moon landing just gave up on space exploration, I suppose the so called war on terror was a better way to go, I think that should really be called The Wars on Terra.

So now I’m older I’m back to the Fiction, mainly because the Science as failed me, sure there are little bits of exploration going on by private companies, but just no leaps and bound.

The Universe Beckoned, and its still beckoning, and some day in the distant future we may break away from this ball of dust to explore the Stars.
Then we can again join Science with Fiction, until then I will continue to create my alien worlds and…………………………………………………..dream!

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