Newquay Zoo

I took my 18 month old Son to the Zoo today, just because he loves animals, an I’m a big kid.
I was amazed, not because of the variety of wild (captive) life, but because the price of food was so cheap. I went expecting to get ripped off big time, but i even managed to arrive back home with cash in my pocket and the old flexible friend still very flexible.
For those who haven’t been to Newquay Zoo, i would recommend it, it’s a small Zoo but still with plenty to see, it’s really a Zoological garden and British rescue center a lot of the captive animals are on the extreme danger list, and i know it’s survival of the fittest in the wild but it’s mans destruction of rain forest etc that is making these creatures so endangered. So guilt didn’t even have a place to play today.
I will put a few pics on in the next few days, but please don’t comment if you want me to feel guilty about the trip, cause i won’t.

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