in a totally unrelated post from RedBubble I wanted to mention my ISP, I have just recently changed from aapt to Internode I had heard many good things about Internode but was a bit hesitant after my experiences with aapt ( i was charged 3 months use after i had cancelled and churned my service to another isp) well this morning I got a major shock, I turned on my pc and I have a usage meter saying how many days i have left and how much I have used etc, and my usual 40,000MB was up to 55,000MB i thought oh my god, am i going to be charged etc…I went to the internode site and to my suprise, my service had been upgraded at NO extra charge WOOHOO This is a rare thing for isp’s to be so generous, and their service at internode is absolutley amazing, for anyone considering a change in ISP’s please visit internode, if you like what you see, then pop over to
and receive a $20 cash back rebate in joining through warcom…..Im all for saving money and If i find a good deal, I like to share it

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