B/W photo will be up next week

Hello all, I have just returned from my night class and I managed to do my photo yet again, I spoke to the teachers and asked them if i can scan the photo to put up here and they didnt have time to do it with me, so on Tuesday I get to scan it in my Digital Media Class and then will upload here, I am so excited about it. I had a brilliant night in class tonight, I got the dark room all to myself as everyone else was processing film in the other dark room – I processed my film in my tuesdays photography class so then i could concentrate on printing it tonight. I actually got to use filters, Its all a bit confusing, but im getting the hang of it slowly, My teacher told me that holidays are coming up :0( that means no class for a whole two weeks…Im going to go stir crazy, who would have thought I would miss school haha, anyways, its time for another coffee then im going to bed, sleep well everyone, nighty night xxx

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