Yesterdays Photography Class

Hello there, I just wanted to talk about my class yesterday, we had to develop photo’s we took when we went to Cleland wildlife park…I am shocked to say , they turned out really good… we used ilford 400 film on the day as it was a bit overcast…the film was slipping a bit on the field trip so that did cause a few problems, so i lost a few frames, but not to matter, I have some very crisp and clear negatives. I had to do a proof sheet and chose an image to blow up to A4 size, after a few attempts to get the right Fstop and correct focussing on the enlarger etc i managed to produce a photo that I will be able to proudly hang on my wall…My teachers were really impressed as the image is very clear and crisp and shows short depth of field, which we need to do in our up coming assignments. Unfortunately, i brought the photo home, I didnt get much sleep as i kept having to look at it because its so good haha…I have to go to school again today , however i dont have photography again till thursday night but i might have to sweet talk the teachers and see if i can get into the dark room and re do this particular photo again, i just need to move it to the left a wee bit on the enlarger so then it is completely centered – tis very hard to get a negative straight when its the last frame of a negative and you have to try and line it up in the little negative box….producing quality photos takes alot of work especially in a dark room- and its been 24 years since i have done this ( geez Im old haha ) But I think its all paying off…now i just have to work out how to get my photo onto the computer to post here and show everyone haha, wish me luck

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