Monarto Zoo

Hey Folks, I have only just dragged myself in from the biggest photoshoot ever.

About 200 people, all piled into 6 huge busses made our way to Monarto Zoo to go on a major photo shoot, with 5 models from the Tanya Powell agency.Unfortunately we cant post any pics of the models because we need release forms

The guys at Photographic Wholesalers organised the trip, they had people from Canon, Nikon, Sony, Pentax and Olympus there to show us all their latest goods….

AND we got to play haha, I got to take some shots with the new Alpha a900 full frame camera WOW now thats a heavy duty piece of equiptment – a massive 24.6mp .

I have never used a lens that was SO quiet, cant remember what lens was on it though…pretty sure it was the 400.

Got to play with the Canon 600mm lens ( sigh )
They have a great 60mm macro lens that I tired out too, I think that will go on my xmas wish list haha.

Some of the lenses there were so huge, You almost need a fork lift to lift them once they put the lens on the camera bodies…There was so many L series lenses there, I was in camera heaven haha.

The models were wonderful…working from the time we got there- around 8.30am till we left at 5pm.

Oh they even had hasselblads to play with too.

It cost $20 to go, the bus trip was included, as was park entry, bottled water, morning tea, lunch, models fee etc.

When we got on the bus, Peter Maystrenko handed out 2 memory cards, an sd and a cf, so then we could use all the camera’s they had there and so we didnt miss out on seeing what all this wonderful equiptment could do.

We have to return the memory cards along with our 5 best images from the day to go into a competition to win a trip to sydney or to win a new 8gig ipod.

I must say I was extremely impressed with the olympus zuiko digital ED 50-200mm f2.8-3.5 swd.
I must try and find an equivalent for the canon now to add to my wish list for xmas haha.

Now I have to try and find a free raw converter so I can look at my pics I took today haha. Wish me luck and I will post some images as soon as I can load them onto the pc =0)

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