How much I have changed

Good Morning to all…I know I have not been commenting as much as I usually do, I appologise for that, However I have not been in the greatest of health and often find it hard to comment because the pain killers seem to affect my eyesight and typing ability – so I come on, and I always look through what my favorite people here are doing – my faves are all those on my watchlist….and there are ALOT of you, I am so proud of the quality of work here, I notice alot of you take so much time to focus on your photography and the results are clearly speaking for themselves…So keep up the brilliant work…I know I have improved alot since being here – not bragging, I just see the technical differences when I compare my photo’s
Going from


in a matter of 8 months.
Take a look at your work next time you upload your next lot of photo’s and see the difference for yourself…maybe post one of your first images here in your journal along side one of your latest images…I know I like to look back at how I have changed,
I remember when I first started out, a good photo, was one you could recognise what it was on the viewfinder haha
Now, I go through hundreds of images and choose 1 good one – I am more critical of myself and I try 100% harder.
Photography isnt a hobby anymore…to me its a way of life.
And I have RB and the users here to thank for that…
How much have you changed?

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