STUDIO tutorial

This is my home studio.
I am on a very tight budget so I used things around the home.
Things you will need

2 tripods- can use chairs
black sheet or blanket- not shiny
as the shine bounces off the flash
and you wont be happy with the results
bedroom lamp, no lamp shade
water bottle to spray flowers – not models lol
shiny steering wheel cover
mine is silver on one side and gold on the other
I used the silver side for the Lilly photo
and the gold side for the look portrait
or Aluminium foil – shiny metal baking stuff
And something to photograph

all items I use are as pictured below

take tripods/chairs and spread them apart

Place blanket, sheet over them but make sure it is fairly tight so you wont get wrinkles in the background

then line everything up and happy snapping to you.
It helps if someone can hold the reflector to direct light onto the subject

images I have done in my studio

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