Chloe Fund

Hi Folks, I cant write too much here due to the fact Chloe visits my RB site with her mum, but in short, I am donating 50% of all sales from my portfolio
to go straight to Chloe and her mum.

Melissa has done a journal about this so please pop over and have a read.
Melissa’s Journal

I am also donating 100% of Iris

Chloe’s rose

Thankyou for taking the time in reading this xxx

Please Note, I am keeping all records of sales from todays date until Dec 25th 08 and all emails from Redbubble in a special folder so you can see Sill will be getting the correct amount, and I will post these at xmas time, and will also have a photo of the bank cheque I will be handing over to Sil and her kids. Thankyou once again
I have made a seperate Bubble site Hope For Chloe and this is where I will donate artwork with proceeds going to the family. I will link back to you with all sales and donations, Thankyou once again

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