Thoughts and Prayers needed please

Hi Folks, – I need some positive thoughts and prayers sent to my best friend Priscilla and her 6yo daughter Chloe.
Chloe has just been diagnosed with a very aggresive condition in her leg, it seems she had gastro about 6 months ago and part of the infection- according to doctors has stayed in her system and has now gone to the bones in her leg, which is causing a great deal of pain and swelling, Chloe has been on numerous antibiotics to which – none have helped at all, she is being operated on this morning as apparently there is alot of fluid etc inside her bone and its lifting her bone and it will break the tiny bones in her foot if not operated on immediately. This condition – what ever it is- will continue to come back unfortunately and Priscilla has been told this may result in amputation of the limb, Priscilla is a single mum and has no family support network and I am like an adopted mum to her, as there is 12 years difference between us, So please, send any positive thoughts or prayers to her and her daughter,
Thankyou so much in advance xxx

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