Thankyou All

Hello folks, thankyou so much for your kind wishes and loving support, I am still having a bit of trouble typing and taking shots, but am attempting a different way of typing, so if i make alot of mistakes, please forgive me. My burn is starting to heal, The old honey recipe works, My dad is a bee keeper in willunga SA and I have actually used honey as a healing ointment for many years, but have now added a new ingredient to the mix, I use olive juice- discovered by accident while having a feast on olives- i got bitten by a mosquito and i rubbed the spot, but still had the brine on my fingers from the olives and it stopped itching- so since then, if i have a burn, bite or cut, I go right for the honey- then once thats dried, i apply olive juice and it heals.( olive oil is also used in the aid of certain cancer treatments, it is found to have a great healing agent in it )
My thumb has changed colour, its strange, sort of a purple/blue tinge – no infection, even though the scalding water did leave a hole in my skin. but its all healing nicely, not sure if the normal colour will return to my thumb, but thats not a problem, I am thankful the burn wasnt any deeper, good thing i was right by the tap when it happened, so once again I send my deepest thanks to each and every one of you who took the time in wishing me well. I have alot to catch up on.

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