My Lucky Day

WOW what a day, first off, I got my camera…it was sent at 12.30pm on the 8th and I had it in my hands by 9.30am this morning, gotta love FedEx :0)
Next I went looking for another lens for the canon and something told me to go to dick smiths, so I dragged my little snow angel along with me and I was in the right place at the right time, I managed to get a brand new Navman gps for $91.00 woohoo then I got 10% off my holiday booking, and then got an email telling me I won a double pass to see Timberland with flo rider supporting them, so that will be a mummy an teen night out haha wow, could this day get any better :0)
I may be 38 but im never too old to go to a concert

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