My Day With Bill

WOW what a day, we started off bright and early thismorning, ended up chasing cows, Bill jumped a barbed wire fence, we wrestled with a cactus bush – it won haha and we managed to take some great shots.

The day was just so good, getting out the house, Driving in the country, climbing Up hills, Getting enough excercise to last ME a few years haha, pulling out cactus prickles – that are all over my hands and camera bag – I think Bill got them all in the palm of his hand – they happen to be invisible, we can feel them but cant see them, Trying to capture shots of blue wrens that fly faster than superman, Breathing in all the fresh country air ahhhhhhh what a day is was.

Cant wait to finish uploading some of my shots….Took 122 shots on my nikon and 84 on my fuji, so I did take a few lol, But as every photographer knows, You only ever get a few that you really like, so dont worry, I wont bombard you all with heaps of shots lol, here are 2 of my fave so far from our day out

sneaking this one in lol

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