Photo Trip Tomorrow

YAY tomorrow bright and early, Bill Oneil and I are heading out to the country, Why stay home on a weekend when you could get out and about taking photo’s of anything that moves- or stays still…. It will be good to get out in the fresh country air :0)

My teen is staying at a girlfriends house, My 8yo is being sat on by my mum and the whole day I have free- a very rare occasion indeed.

Batteries are charging for 3 of my cameras, might even take the K1000 b/w film camera, depending on how much room I have in my camera bag.

Where Bill and I are going – I havent been to since i was about the age of my youngest daughter (8) so its going to be lovely to re visit those places,

I look forward to taking many photo’s and then sharing them with you after I get home.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend

Drive safe

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