family by Alenka Co


when the world was scary / and the nights were dark / the moon wrapped her up / in soft moonbeams of light

lost souls

our blood stains the barren grounds / the only mark that we have been / trapped inside our vessels of flesh / we are unheard, we are unseen

in the vastness of the universe

we dare to love, to dream
1957 by Alenka Co

concealed in layers deep

he watches her walk away from him / the crush of autumn leaves beneath her feet / their fragrance rising in the air between them / drifting…

the beach in winter

and the cold winds from the Antarctic blow / with a salty spray and memory of ice and snow

when the birds are gone

the blackbirds have disappeared / so have the sparrows and the wrens / and I haven’t seen the honey-eaters since early spring / rat-…

the wolf

is it worth the price / this civilised life

radio-active songs

and the songs are for all the women he loved / and for all the women he never will


from the tower

then came the smoke

there was a time / when apples ripened in the sun / and so did we
in the garden by Alenka Co

the river is silent

the trees mourn / their branches low / consoling him / who stands alone

Boots 90

“We’re gonna look right idiots if it’s just a dog!” If it was a were-wolf ….. well, he didn’t want to …

Boots 89

He noted how the wolves on guard reacted as she approached, rising then backing away. How the girl didn’t hesitate, didn’t ack…

Boots 88

The cast-iron potbelly stove was positively glowing, generating heat like no-one’s business. This late at night DingBat had expected…

Boots 87

The growling he heard made him not want to go back there, not in the dark anyway, and not without the whole gang, preferably ahead of him.

Boots 86

Mike frowned. “She’s a wolf?! How’s that possible?” / “No,” Cecelia’s voice had the patient tone…

Boots 85

A vehicle approaching, fast yet strangely quiet, put on hold any answers there might be to Carnie’s question about were-wolves and pi…

Boots 84

He couldn’t take his eyes off those paws. Yes, there were two of them where her hands normally were; he wasn’t ready to look a…

Boots 83

She was wrong. The father’s blood was in the child and there was no resisting that. She was also wrong in thinking that if the chil…

Boots 82

Imagine what could happen if the full change occurs at school, or during one of her runs in the forest.

Boots 81

The two Hell’sBats stood in front of Cecelia’s shop window. It was raining heavily now, running down their black helmets and …

Boots 80

Inside the old cargo container that was home, Sparky sat at the re-cycled little wooden picnic table and stirred the elderberry and honey a…

Boots 79

Sparky pulled to the kerb outside the shop. He studied it for a while with the engine running. “Herbal Remedies” was what it …

Boots 78

The bike stopped, and waited for her to come out. / Sparky was sure that it was her, the girl he had seen on the docks with the unicorn.

Boots 77

She needed more strength. She doubted that she could change let alone fly. From the very first time it had not been easy, the changing, b…

Boots 76

The winter chill was in the air while the moon rode through a tempest of clouds and the raven inside her wanted to fly.

Boots 75

“That gell!” she said, regarding Eleanor with a look of uncertainty that didn’t feel right on Miss Pent’s face. …

Boots 74

She left the track and streaked through the forest, driven wild by the sensory overload that made her want to go in all directions at once.…

Boots 73

Granny wouldn’t call them magic but anyone else who knew what they did probably would. Most definitely would, if they tried them on.

Boots 72

Mike said Cecelia was collecting virgin tears …. something about a TearFairy? ….. to wake him up …. but he just needed s…

Boots 71

He knew the power, the hunger, of the hunter. They had hunted together, once long ago.

Boots 70

WHO SET THE BOUNTY? / Sparky’s question stared at them from the notice-board. There was a collective pained look of thinking on …

Boots 69

Walking back to the castle entrance she saw the wolves were gathering again, silently taking up their positions around the stables.

Boots 68

Winter was coming, you could feel its breath in the wind that scattered the remaining leaves from the silver birch trees lining the street.…

Boots 67

BadBoy was jabbing the cue-stick at the notice-board when DingBat slunk into the clubroom. The stick wasn’t really designed to be us…

Boots 66

Granny had all the pieces. So did his lordship but he didn’t know that he had them. He didn’t even know the puzzle existed.
Boots 65 by Alenka Co

Boots 65

She sat on the window ledge and thought about following him through the air. This could be her last chance to do so, while she still could…

Boots 64

Mike watched the passengers getting off the ferry. Eleanor was easy to spot; the one at the back, head down, dragging her heels. Not ha…

Boots 63

“But he won’t go without me!” / “We’ll see,” said Cecelia. / The sound of a vehicle struggling up the t…

Boots 62

I sent her to that school in the city in the hope that contact with other girls would let the ….. human side of her take over, but &…

Boots 61

She looked like she’d flown through a storm of black-feathered birds and was sorely in need of tea.
Boots 60 by Alenka Co

Boots 60

They* say that inside every human there is an animal, hidden and forgotten. For his lordship and Cecelia the animal is very much remembere…
Boots 59 by Alenka Co

Boots 59

He knew she was already changing. He didn’t turn around to watch. He didn’t want to see the struggle changing involved. If th…

Boots 58

“Right!” muttered Granny. “Now let’s get us ready for whatever comes.”
Boots 58 by Alenka Co

the priest’s house

In a small country town in the midlands of Tasmania this tiny cottage behind the church was the priest’s house. The atmosphere of it…

the night

she gathers him into her arms / dark silk, her hair around him drapes

Boots 57

“It stole yer wheels as well?!! Tha’s not on, mate, tha’s not!! Yer girl, tha’s one fing, but yer bike ……

whispers in the wind

There are many souls in this forest.
our children by Alenka Co the three of us by Alenka Co

Boots 56

It was a worry, it really was, the combined intelligence of the Hell’sBats gang when Mike was the second brightest there. I mean, sh…


from the moment you possessed me / did I ever have a choice / but to drink the nectar from your cup / and let it take me / to that edge o…

Boots 55

“Hey! Moll!” / DingBat tried to get her attention by tapping lightly on the door. In the middle of what looked like a food-fi…


a vessel, / this body / it drifts with the tide

Boots 54

“What I want to know,” growled BadBoy,“is how come we ended up on the ferry with apples instead of a unicorn.”

Boots 53

All he knew was that she was a witch who had asked for his help
the stories we are told by Alenka Co


the chair is empty / the chess is there / I pick up a piece / my favourite piece / and there you are / across the table from me / smiling a…

Boots 52

A deep sadness flowed over him. Cecelia was growing old while he was not.

Boots 51

Thirteen motor-bikes roared up to Granny’s gate. She stopped sweeping the leaves off the steps and leaned on the bristle broom. Fur…

there was a time

a time of dreams / a time when we believed / that we had the power / to change things / that we were connected / that we were one / and the…
it was a time of dreams by Alenka Co

blood doesn’t lie

the mirror catches me / by surprise / shows me a face / I don’t recognise / I think it lies / that isn’t me / I’m still…

it’s a new day

it’s a new day, he whispers. / anything is possible. / it’s up to you. / and I believed him, / I really did, / and I did try. /…
Summer Walks by Alenka Co

Autumn Walk

No, that’s too harsh, isn’t it. / Call it selfishness, that drive for survival that is innate in all life.
sometime in the seventies by Alenka Co

Winter Walk

do we care / is it just words / we’re spouting
Winter Walk by Alenka Co 14 today  -  photo by Ron Co by Alenka Co "November"  by Sergei Rukavishnikov by Alenka Co "Yardman"  by Sergei Rukavishnikov by Alenka Co


Granny had given her the boots, so magic was quite likely involved
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