Lost in the Dark

My life is lost in a dark cave
I try to find the exit
but I can’t find my way out.
the monsters surround me in the blackness,
scary noises, looming shadows.

I hear the echo’s of a once lived day.
who can help me find my way.
who would even know I’m lost,
along the misty edges of society.

My pain is hidden,
deep behind my brightest facade,
I scream, but no one hears,
the echoing sounds of silence in my ears.

I see the fading image of the lightest day,
who can help me find my way.
who even remembers I was lost,
among the shadowy edges of society.

My scars are internal,
no visible signs of trauma.
I bleed, and cry, but it’s in vain.
because my mask hides all my pain.

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