Wheelbarrow needed!

Hi Guys – wow, I can’t believe it’s been nearly 2 months since I last said hello – it’s amazing how addictive finding a good value pram can be :o)

I have been having a life outside of ‘The Pregnancy’ and had an absolutely wonderful holiday in Turkey in June where my day consisted of eating breakfast, swimming, sunbathing, swimming, a little bit more sunbathing, what the heck let’s do another length or two, siesta-ing and then eating… bliss!

I’ll put a few pics up here but the vast majority are holiday snaps and can be found at Flickr if you fancy a peek – it’s worth it just to see me doing a Glastonbury impression!

Well, I’m now 20 weeks so halfway through and getting nice and fat!! I’m off shopping tomorrow to get some ponchos cos I can’t quite be bothered trying on all my clothes everyday! A wheelbarrow may be necessary soon so Dan can push me to work! Everything is progressing nicely and another scan has been done which has convinced Dan that it really will be ET :o)

The Bubble site is looking really good, loving the new feeds and stuff they’ve done.

Take care everyone and I hope you are all enjoying life to the full.

Alison x

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