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I write and I shoot photos. My first novel will be up on Amazon ebooks soon, on or about December 5th. Madman in the Mirror. Please check...

I've just taken the most WONDERFUL photo in the history of photos!

Yes, I’ve just taken the most wonderful photo in the history of photos. So wonderful is it that I even impressed myself. It was a ten out of ten (the only reason it wasn’t an eleven out of ten is because there’s no such thing).So sharp an image that I CUT MYSELF on it. Such pulchritude, such exquisiteness, and oh the colors! It was THE reddest reds ever seen and the bluest blues. If it had been a woman I’d have kissed it, perhaps even gone further than that.I danced until one of my legs fell off.And the detail, so incredible it was as if I’d stuck my head through the window (no, not the glass part, but a darn good guess). The lighting was as perfect as it ever will be in the history of lighting. The atmosphere and the subject were more amazing that the word AMAZING. My own cat gave me a standing ovation. I took a bow and knocked myself out on the corner of the kitchen table.So where is this fantastic image? Well, (cough) when I hit my head my camera tumbled as well and knocked the image right out of my camera. I search for it even now. On the floor perhaps? Will I discover it in my pocket?So what WAS the image you ask? I, ah, don’t remember. (heh)

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