Precyclism Movement


Precyclism is the historic coming together of artists and the subjects of their work.

The precyclists are a new movement of artists. Founded by UK Artist Alan
Harris many of their subjects convey to a period time in our social
history previous to space age technology and consumerism.

These artists are mostly of a regular working class background with
little formal training in Art. This in many ways is what makes their work
different and interesting.

They rarely paint today’s reality but base their work around our social
heritage. The characters sometimes used in their paintings are seen
wearing clothing that were of days gone by, showing us a snapshot of life
as it was , clearly influenced by family and social history. The streets and
activities are also intended to evoke nostalgic memories.

Among the many highlights the Precyclist artists group show, using
different styles and subjects, a past history that is being forgotten among
the accelerated march of technology and consumerism, that age when we
enjoyed a sweet just once a week, when owning a balloon let alone a
football was a joy. The balloon may indeed have been a swop or exchange with
the Rag and Bone man, The ice cream cart may well be passing by your home,
with his sign, “Stop Me and Buy One”. The milkman and Bread Man delivering to your door even with horse drawn carts.
These were scenes of everyday life in our streets and neighbourhoods after
the war.
That time reminiscent of an age, that is described in paintings so full of
nostalgic romance, is what unites the works by these artists that have
become popular in England and across the world…

This group of artists, tied by their passion for our social history, has
grown in the past two years in the UK and have become very popular. Their
work is admired not only by the adult population but many young art lovers

“In days gone by many had little but happily shared. And still we
remember a happy childhood, as shown in many paintings life full of happy
times, even rare treats when The Fair or Circus came to town. When owing a
whole bicycle was like owing a car offering freedom to travel and explore
further. When you spent the day playing with friends in the street or the
park because there was no television or computers to distract you…”

Precyclism is a time before Re-cycling when there was little waste to
throw away even the old newspaper had many uses, in essence if it wasn¹t
eaten it would generally burn well on the fire.

Some of these characteristics can also be found in works by artists on this website…

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