Al Bourassa

Cuenca, Ecuador

My NEW PERSONAL WEBSITE to direct folks to my work at RB is HERE / Formerly from Okotoks, Alberta, Canada, I now reside in Cuenca, Azuay,...


RB High-handedness must stop

This was my present from RB this evening:
Hi Al,
We’re sorry, but we had to remove some of your artwork from the Redbubble marketplace because we received a complaint from someone alleging your artwork violates their rights.
More information:
Rights holder: Jimmy Buffett and Margaritaville Enterprises, LLC
Affected Artwork:
Margaritaville by Al Bourassa Margaritaville
It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere by Al Bourassa It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere
Redbubble Content Team
These are two photos of MINE, the first taken of a neon sign in a bar, and the second of a martini glass. These are MY photos, not anyone else’s, and NOBODY else h…

Anybody else having these same problems with RB????

This is an email I just sent to RB:
I am almost finished writing a long chat​ message and the darn thing just disappears on me.​
​… Then it came back, I wrote a few more words and it disappeared again….. This is not the first time but I hope it is the last because my frustrations with RB are getting to the boiling point.
When I write to Chat​
​, I NEVER get a direct response to my query. I get a stupid response “Are you an artist?” Good grief, we don’t have time to waste with ignorant responses that don’t address our question. If they can’t tell that we are artists with a problem by the nature of our question then you should hire more intelligent people with empathy for our time. These are probably computer generated automatic responses that we wish you would quit.
RB takes so m…

Thank you for purchase of my work

I normally don’t post anything about sales because a lot of them are small, stickers, cards and such. But, once in a while you get a special sale, and the buyer even sends you a nice note, like this:
An anonymous user from Aberglasslyn, Australia bought the following works recently and left you a note:
Crocodile At Amaru (duvet cover)
“This picture captures what my son loves about crocs”

Partially Back In Action

Since my Nov 30 accident and resulting paralysis, it is a long road back to normal. I finally have reasonable mobility and feeling back in in hands and body.
However I need to restrict my time at the computer which means that my relationship at RB will suffer.
Normally I upload 3 artworks every weekday, but RB makes that horribly time-consuming so I am trying today to start off again by uploading just one work per day. Maybe I will find time to start commenting, etc again too.
Hugs to everyone and THANK YOU for your support.

Out of Action

Sorry, but you can’t count on me for a while, I am home but very weak and no physio for a while yet.
Nov 30, Flipped the new bike, no damage to it, I slipped a disc and have been paralysed in hospital since Nov 30.
Thurs Dec 8 fused 2 disks, no problems. Nothing broken, hardly bruised otherwise. Just know that my shoulders will be aching for a while.
Home Tues Dec 13. Very slow-moving but can see the light somewhere down a long tunnel.
THANK YOU to all my good friends and well-wishers. Will write more later as things improve. Can’t wait to get out riding again!!!
Cheers, Al…

UPDATE: Jan 6/17
After some physio I am vastly improved but not out of the woods yet. I am not convinced that the surgery was successful because my neck bones appear crooked and swallowing is an issue.
The paraly

Thanks to the Anonymous buyer

I rarely post anything about my sales but I just got this note from RB:
An anonymous user from Liverpool, United Kingdom bought the following works recently and left you a note:
Charlie Chaplin and The Kid – card
Charlie Chaplin and The Kid – sticker
My dad loves Charlie Chaplin and the Kid he is 89 have bought as a Christmas present for him
This buyer bought 2 items and I just have to say

It is always gratifying when our art can bring pleasure to others.
Cheers, Al

New Glitch with RB

May 26/16 I uploaded two artworks with no problems as I have had 5 months of glitch-free success with RB after many upgrades to my system and switching to using Firefox exclusively for uploads.
However,………….. on my third upload today I kept encountering an error: “(i) The connection was reset”…….. I thought that I had finally got the product itself uploaded with only the title, then finally edited to add the description and tags, but it is not shown anywhere on my portfolio…. Then it will not let me edit to fix the product lineup or the group lineup, even after scores of tries. I wasted almost 4 hours trying to upload this one photo correctly.
I have re-loaded, re-started, cleared cache, cookies, etc, etc, etc, and still have the same problem. I have ZERO problems with my Internet…

Glitches finally solved.

Tuesday AM Sept 29: I spent almost an hour preparing a product upload, only to get an error message that the artwork did not upload,…. AND then there was no way to recover all that hard work…
I am not about to try all that over again from scratch today, I am too upset.

Tuesday PM Sept 29: After doing it in stages, and being booted out twice, I finally got the first artwork uploaded. I hope that I don’t have the same problems on the next one or I will just quit. I had no problem with 2 subsequent uploads.

Weds AM Sept 30:
It has happened again today, even when trying to do it in stages, on 2 different works, so I am going to stop using RB until this problem is fixed. It only occurs with RB. This is the message I am getting:
No data received
Hide detai

RB does it again... More inane changes

A person just cannot get comfortable with RB because they keep changing things for no apparent reason. Now a person cannot see our “Descriptions” (now called “Artists Notes”) while they comment. They are now two separate pages.
Downloads are slow as molasses again and then, to top it off, they have suspended downloads this morning.
Replies to comments are not working again……………………

RB, you are so darn frustrating!!! I challenge you to send someone to come and sit with me for a day or two and see the frustrations we have when using your system….

Update 10:30am.. Finally things are slowly moving again and we can reply to comments, BUT I can no longer display the type of framed print with a black mat in my description like I have been doing for many, many months….

Update 11:30am.. The re

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