My first month at RedBubble with 47 features.

On Sunday November 23 I visited for the first time the Redbubble page and opened an account.
I uploaded my first picture, searched for a challenge where it should fit and entered it there.
Not long after that, I received a message from a kind moderator : “That’s not the right way, you have to enter it in a group first”.
And then I saw that there were hundreds and hundreds of groups and that my picture fitted in more then one group.
My admiration for RedBubble was born.

As a retired software engineer I want to give great compliments to the designers and engineers of this page.
It’s very userfriendly , fast and reliable with many cross-references. A tribute to them all.

Now it’s almost 4 weeks later, and as you can see on my page I have now:

47 featured pictures
2 featured members
10 Top 10 results

Herewith I want to thank everybody who wrote me nice comments,
all moderators that featured my pictures and everybody that voted for me during the challenges.

Next week no bubbles for me, with the exception of the bubbles in my champagne during the Holidays.

Merry Christmas:

and a Happy Newyear

to all of you.

See you in 2009,

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