A snake with no end. Described by Robert Jordan in his unfinished series- The Wheel of Time, the Ourobouros is generally seen in pictures, or made into a ring as a snake eating its tail, portraying how the beginning is merely the end, an end that leads towards another beginning.

Thats basically how I feel about each and every year. Its another ring, the beginning to another circle leading back to the end, over and over.

Now, around this time after all the merry-making, the presents, the cakes, decorations, laughter, family gatherings, special tv shows, then there comes the resolutions.

Well this year, I have no resolutions- no strings, no this times- Just;

Happy New Year.

that, and I really want my camera back now, looking a shots taken by a few people on this sight and I’m in awe towards the clarity, use of editing, if only it didn’t take a bit of imagination to get that far, if only we could just adjust our eyes to that all the time, like a mini photoshop CS2 program to the eyes… hehe, garageband in our ears. Meh, I want my camera back now.

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