I would like to wish everyone a merry Christmas and a happy new year.
I hope that the next year will be full of peace, love and work.

I want to say thank everyone cause you make me very happy during my first year at redbubble.I have met many people with talent and very good heart.
An Australian company contact me here in redbubble and I hope that the next year they will start to sell my designs printed on vinyl skins (for laptops, and probably in a second step for iPods and iPhones.
All that is happening since I uploaded my first artwork a year ago is unbelievable for me.My artworks are shown at art Galleries and are sold in so many countries.It’s incredible!

This month I have focused more on the T-shirts design and again I have to say " thank you" for the huge welcome that they are having.The last month I’ve sold 16 T-shirts!!!!! I am very pleased. It is also an honor for me to be on the watchlist of 700 people …….

Today I uploaded the latst T-shirt of this year (Monkey hero).

Now I need a little peace of mind because in 2008 I had to work hard.
I need holidays for visit my family and friends.I will see you the next year

I wish everyone happy holidays and many gifts !!!!!!!!!
Best regards
Javier Velasco

P.D. Finally I am not going to be father for my first time cause mother nature decided that things were not going well in the embryo and there was an expulsion.That’s life !!!!
We will try again the next year. Maybe 2009 !!!!! or 2010!!
Big thanks again!!!!!!

(I am the one who is lying)

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